Higher Education Planning

We have guided many clients through the college funding process. We know how to manage college costs, increase aid eligibility, determine appropriate savings plans, and generally make the process as affordable and comfortable as possible

Funding a college education can help prevent students from being burdened with debt after graduation, which can affect their future lifestyle. Knowing the best options for your circumstances can be difficult, though, as the cost of higher education is often a moving target. Creating a detailed plan for college funding and knowing the right strategies can help students get a great education for well below the full tuition price.

In close collaboration with you, we work to:

  • Help you understand all the college-funding options available, including savings accounts, tax credits and deductions, federal loans, and grants.
  • Identify the funding opportunities most beneficial to your specific situation.
  • Determine what you can afford and optimize the process for becoming eligible for aid.
  • Develop a plan as early as possible to maximize savings and determine your savings goal.
  • Locate the education savings vehicles and 529 plan that are best for you.
  • Ensure that your education savings strategy is developed as part of your long-term financial goals and does not hinder retirement planning.
  • Introduce your student to personal financial planning by involving them in the financial aid proces


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